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**Sabrina is unable to accept new acupuncture patients until January 2023.  We apologize for the delay.**

However, we are happy to welcome acupuncturist Heather Stoddard to our practice. She is currently accepting new patients. Heather accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts insurance plans. She is in the process of credentialing with additional insurance companies. However, until this is completed, she will not be accepting insurance other than Blue Cross Blue Shield and patients with other plans should expect to pay out-of-pocket for appointments with Heather. The fee for a new patient appointment is $100, and follow-up visits are $85 each.

New patient appointments are still available for massage, reiki and hypnotherapy!

Please note: Follow-up appointments are for existing patient use only. Please do not book a follow-up appointment if you are a new patient. Thank you.




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